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Žaborić is small and lovely place located 11 km south from Šibenik. The most important activity is tourism.

Beach.JPG Beach

Why to visit Žaborić

If you are looking for quiet place with clean sea, Žaborić may be the choice for you. Many apartments have decorated concrete beaches ideal for sunbathing and swimming. There is also sandy beach with bar called "Afrika".

Birds.JPG Birds

Car traffic and parking in Žaborić

Most apartments have parking places for their guests. Check it out before booking your apartment. Be aware of the fact that the roads in the village are narrow. Arm yourself with patience until you reach your destination in Žaborić.
Large free parking is located next to the beach bar "Africa". You don't need to worry about parking when going to the beach.


Žaborić is located below the Adriatic highway D8, next to the sea. Getting to the place is pretty simple. Just follow the Adriatic highway and turn right or left in the direction of the sea, depending where you are coming from.

Center of the place.JPG Center of the place

Accommodation prices

Accommodation prices mostly depend on size of apartment and distance from the sea. For a four-member family looking for an apartment near the sea, the price is on average 80 euros. The higher the distance from the sea, the price is lower.

Clean sea.JPG Clean sea

Night Life

There are no major clubs in Žaborić. Aurora is a great club located in Primošten, 20 km south from the place. Hoverer, you can enjoy your favourite drink in a beach bar or go for a walk along the coast.
During summer, there are few local parties and celebrations held during summer. The biggest one is held on the feast of St. Anna on July 26. St. Ana is the patron of the place.
There is a plenty of originally home-cooked food and drinks at these celebrations, as well as dalmatian live music.