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Sibenik is the only city in Croatia and one of the rare in the world with two UNESCO protected heritage. Furthermore, Sibenik features imposing fortresses, beautiful beaches and preserved nature. That's why it shouldn't be skipped while visiting Croatia. Here is our list of places to visit in Sibenik.



  • Sibenik fortresses are recognizable symobol of the city. Two of them, St. Michael fortress and Barone are completely arranged and ready to recieve visitors.
    St. John fortress and St. Nicholas fortress are currently in a process of reconstruction and should be ready to recieve visitors in 2020. Currenty, these fortresses can be seen only from the outside.
    In 2017. St. Nicholas fortress became part of UNESCO protected herigate, which was gaint leap for Sibenik tourism.
  • View of Sibenik from Barone fortress View of Sibenik from Barone fortress

    View of St Michael fortress View of St Michael fortress

    St Nicholas Fortress St Nicholas Fortress

    Churches and palaces

  • Sibenik churches and palaces are gothic and renaissance masterpieces of art.
    St. James Cathedral is part of UNESCO protected heritage built in 15th century. It is special in European architecture because it is entirely made of stone and it features sculptures of human heads on side.
    Besides Cathedral, which is must visit attraction of Sibenik, there are other beautiful churches and palaces: The Renaissance Church of the Holy Spirit in center of the city, Palace Pelegrini and church of the Holy Cross, located 200 meters from the cathedral.
  • St James Cathedral St James Cathedral

    Head sculptures on St James Cathedral Head sculptures on St James Cathedral

    Palace Pelegrini Palace Pelegrini

    Natural attractions

  • Beautiful nature of Sibenik includes Krka National Park, preserved landscape alongside Krka River. Kornati archipelago is another national park located in Sibenik area.
    St Anthony Channel compunds beautiful landscape and promenade alongside St. Nicholas Fortress, located at the end of channel.
  • krka waterfall krka waterfall

    St Anthony channel sunset St Anthony channel sunset


  • Sibenik beaches feature clean sea, pebble and concrete beaches with rich tourist offer. The most featured beaches are:
    • Banj is the closest beach to the city center, with distance less than 500 meters.
    • Jadrija is an ideal beach for windsurfing.
    • Rezaliste has recently become popular beach in Brodarica
    • Zaboric beach features sand and beach bar Africa, favourite among visitors and locals
  • beach banj beach banj

    Beach Rezaliste Beach Rezaliste

    entrance to zaboric beach entrance to zaboric beach

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