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Barone is a fully reconstructed fortress in Sibenik. It has hundreds of thousands of visits every year, and it is one of must visit attractions in Sibenik.



Just like other fortresses in Sibenik, Barone was built for the purpose of defence against Turkish invasion. It was built in 1646., when it was clear that the Turkish army will attack.
Almost unbelievable fact is that construction of fortress lasted only 58 days.
Venetian government, which at that time had rule over Sibenik, denied giving money to build the fortress. Instead, people in Sibenik financed it on their own and built it using their own hands.

Over 25.000 Turkish soldiers approached Sibenik in 1647., and after more than 6 hours of battle, they were forced to retreat. Sibenik won the battle, and this victory was significant for stopping the further breakthrough of the Turkish army into the European continent.

The fortress features high tech museum with a virtual view of the battle in 1647., provided by the technology of Augmented Reality.
Another attraction is panoramic view of Sibenik and St Anthony Channel.
There is a coffee bar with an excellent and unique coffee taste. It is double origin blend speciality coffee consisting of two Arabica coffee sorts: 85% Brazil - San Rafale and 15% Nicaragua - La Carolina blend. During winter season price for the coffee is only 12 kn, which is less than two euros.
You could also taste indogenius Sibenik wines such as Debit, Plavina, Maraština and Babić. 0.1 l glass of wine costs less than 3 euros.

There are also educational boards on English and Croatian language.

View of St Anthony channel from Barone fortress
View of St Anthony channel from Barone fortress

cannons on Barone Fortress
cannons on Barone Fortress

View of Antun Vrancic High School from Barone
View of Antun Vrancic High School from Barone

Barone is located in part of Sibenik called Subicevac. Coordinates of the fortress are following:
  • Latitude: 43.737228599999
  • Longitude: 15.896283600000

The distance of the fortress from the center of the city is around 1 kilometer. It can be traversed by foot, but the road is a little bit uphill, so you may get tired. It may be good training as well.
Another option to get to the fortress is by car or by bike. There is a free parking space just near the fortress but during high season in July and August, it may get crowded. You could leave your car at Subicevac, near Antun Vrancic High School, and take a 5-minute walk to the fortress.

Ticket price for an adult person is 50 kuna (around 6.5 euro) and 30 kn (around 4 euro) for children. The same ticket is valid for visit to St. Michael's Fortress (reuse of the same ticket).
There is also an option of buying a family ticket with price 100 kn (around 14 euros), which is valid for parents and their children up to 18 years.

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