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St Nicholas Fortress

St. Nicholas fortress has been recently added to UNESCO protected heritage as part of Venetian Works of Defence between the 16th and 17th centuries.
For the fortress that has been almost completely abandoned, it means full revitalizaion which is currently in progress. That's why there is no official entrance to the interior of the fortress yet. Visitors can explore it only form the outside or try to enter at their own risk, but it is not considered as safe.


St Nicholas Fortress St Nicholas Fortress

Interesting facts

The fortress was build in 1525. to help defence against Turkish invasion, alongside with the other Sibenik fortresses. It was built by Venetian government, which at that time, ruled Sibnenik.

st nicholas fortress upper part st nicholas fortress upper part


Coordinates of the fortress are following:
  • Latitude: 43.7215503
  • Longitude: 15.854640199999

  • The fortress is lcoated at the entrance to St. Anthony Channel, looking from sea side. Nearby place Zablace is located 1 kilometer away from the fortress.

    How to get there

    The easiest option to reach fortress is by car. Drive in a direction of Zablace, and when you arrive at approximately 1 kilometer distance from Zablace, you will see sign "St Anthony Channel". You drive in that direction 1 kilometer and you are at the entracne to the channel.
    You leave car there (free parking spaces provided), and walk 15 minutes to the fortress.

    Another option to reach the fortress is taxi boat, either from Sibenik Riva or from Jadrija beach.
    Currently, there is no boat line to the fortress.

    View of the fortress2 View of the fortress2

    Facilities of the fortress

    The fortress is still in a process of reconstruction, so there are no special facilities yet. There is a beautiful promenade alongside St. Anthony Channel with few of small beaches ideal for swimming. It may be great adventure to explore the fortress while swimming.

    A kilometer away from the fortress there is cave of St. Anthony, worth exploring also by swimming.

    Cave of St Anthony Cave of St Anthony

    Swans in St Anthony channel Swans in St Anthony channel

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