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As Sibenik has become a popular tourist destination, offer of a nightlife also increased. We will list the most famous evening and night locations, clubs and party places. Here is our list of best evening and night destinations in Sibenik:

Sibenik Riva early evening

During the summer season center of early evening in Sibenik is coast of the old city. During the early hours of the evening, a large number of people enjoy a walk along the coast and through the old part of town.

Many of them enjoy their favourite drink in some of the bars located on the coast. Prices are quite affordable compared to other tourist destinations in Croatia. For average beer, you need to pay less than 3 euros.

While walking on Riva, take ice cream and enjoy Mediterranean spirit.

View of Sibenik coast
View of Sibenik coast

Club Azimut

For late night outings, one of the choices is a nightclub called Azimut. It is located just a few steps away from Sibenik Cathedral.
It is nightclub with very original interior design and slightly alternative music style. It is both indoor and outdoor nightclub. During the summer season, there are many concerts held outside.

Azimut is especially famous for rock music concerts, which also include alternative music. If you like that style, Azimut is probably your best choice.



Aurora is nightclub located in Primosten. It is one of the most famous summer night destinations in Croatia. It hosts the most famous European and Croatian DJs an singers. David Guetta, Fedde Le Grand and others have performance in Aurora almost every year.

It is both inside and outside nightclub that works during summer months only, and on special occasions during other seasons. Prices for entering the club vary: if there is a usual program, the price may be around 5 euros. But if there is some special guest there have performance, the price may be around 30 euros.

If you decide to go to Aurora, consider taking taxi or Uber because of frequent police check-ups during the night, and for your own safety.



Hacienda is the most famous disco club in Vodice, and one of the most famous summer nightclubs in Croatia.
It hosts famous Croatian and European singers and DJs.

The ticket price depends on performance, and it is in a range 5 - 30 euros

Makina and Exit

Makina and Exit are famous disco clubs located near the center of Vodice.
Makina is usually an early night destination. People gather there at 11 pm, and they leave at 2 pm when the club closes. Most of the people then go to Exit or Hacienda.


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