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Šibenik is a city located in Croatia on the Adriatic coast. The city is almost a thousand years old. It is also a great place to enjoy summer break. More than a million of tourists visit the city during year, either in winter or summer season.

Beautiful_Sibenik_sea_view.JPG Beautiful Sibenik sea view

What to visit in Šibenik

There are many attractions worth visiting in the city or in some of nearby villages. Many of them are of huge cultural importance, yet some have natural beauty. The city unites buildings and cultural monuments of different artistic styles through history. Some of the monuments come from the Middle Ages.
Here is a list of the most prominent attractions:

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Characteristics and customs of people

The city and its people have predominantly the characteristics of Mediterranean culture and tradition. This means that people are emotionally linked to sea and sea activities. Children and youth are often engaged in water sports such as snorkeling and swimming. Many people enjoy traditional maritime activities such as fishing and shellfish farming. Some of them do it professionally, yet some as a hobby. The most common shell is mussel. Their largest breeding grounds are located near the Šibenik bridge, which connects the city with northern part of Croatia.
Traditionally for Mediterranean culture, olive and grape vines are grown in the city and surrounding locations. Each of the villages located outside of the old city have its own tradition, culture and specialty. Especially I would point out the settled islands that reflect the original Mediterranean spirit in many ways. The settled islands in the Šibenik archipelago are: Kaprije, Žirije, Prvić and Zlarin. The islands of Obonjan and Kornati are not inhabited all year long, but only during the summer season.

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The choice of nightclubs in Šibenik is limited. The main reason for that limitation is a small number of people living in the city and relatively old population. Many young people leave Šibenik to study in larger cities such as Split, Rijeka and Zagreb. Only few of them return back to the city after college.
During summer season choice of nightclubs is far better than during winter season. Bar Petrus organizes live music events few times a week. The bar is located on the Beach Banj. Club Azimut is also very popular nightclub during summer season.
If you want more options when choosing nightclub, then you should consider going to Vodice. Vodice is one of the most popular nightlife venues in whole Dalmatia.

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Šibenik is located on east coast of Adriatic Sea (as you can see on the map). Its attractive location is the main reason for existence of many unique places worth visiting.
The pin on the map points to Croatian national theater, which is considered as the center of the city.

Beautiful_swan_in_sibenik.JPG.jpg Beautiful swan in sibenik

How to get in Šibenik

When considering means of transport, there are several options. The first one is to get in the city by car. Most apartments and hotels have parking places for their guests. Be sure to check that before leaving. Be aware of the fact that there are no many parking places in the center of city. Consider taking bike when coming in the center. You will save yourself troubles of finding parking place. The parking in the center of the city is not cheap. Prices for parking are in range of 1-2 euros per hour.


Here are a few photos of attractive locations in the city:


If you go in a typical bar in the center of the city and take coffee, you are likely to pay around 1-1.5 euros for that coffee. If you take a beer, you are likely to pay 2-3 euros. If you want to take a small pizza in a restaurant, it may cost you 3-4 euros.
However, there are also bars that may charge you more for the same drinks and food. That's why I recommend exploring more than one bar before settling for a drink.
Some places outside of Šibenik have significantly higher prices. For example, beach resort Solaris have around 30% more expensive prices than the center of the city.

Clouds_in_Sibenik.JPG Clouds in Sibenik


Accommodation choice should depend on trip plans and preferences. If you predominantly want to see and enjoy in the cultural beauties of the city, then I recommend to look for accommodation in the center of the city or somewhere very close to the center. In that case the easiest option for enjoying sun and sea is Beach Banj. However, if natural beauty of the sea and nature is more important part of choice, then places outside of the city like Zablaće, Solaris, Vodice or Grebaštica should be considered. These places are 5-20 kilometers away from the city but have cleaner sea and more beautiful beaches.

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