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Places in and around Sibenik

There are many places around in and around Sibenik ideal for sightseeing or summer vacation. Many of them are very quet and feature accessible beaches and clean sea, which is ideal for families with small children. Yet others are famous nightlife venues especially attractive to younger population.


Quiet places

Places like Brodarica, Zaboric and Grebastica and Primosten are pretty quiet, without intensive nightlife and clubs. Yet they feature beuitiful apartments, sandy or pebble beaches and clean sea.
Most of these places organize events during early evening hours, but during later hours, you may enjoy family time in apartmens with sea view and delicious Mediterranean food.

zaboric zaboric

Nightlife venues

Vodice is the most famous nightlife venue in Sibenik area, and known in whole Croatia. During summer season, there is a party in Vodice during day and night.
Althought we said that Primosten is pretty quiet place for vacation, there is famous Aurora club located few kilometers away from Primosten. It is favourite night venue both for locals and visitors.

Aurora Aurora

Cultural sightseeing places

The most famous cultural sightseeing places is located in theold town, which features numberus attractions of Sibenik from gothic and renaissance.
The most famous onese are two UNESCO protected heritage monuments:St. James Cathedral and St Nicholas fortress.

View of Sibenik and cathedral of St James View of Sibenik and cathedral of St James

Cathedral of St James Cathedral of St James

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