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Primošten is beautiful Croatian town located southern of Šibenik and northern of Split. The town of Primošten includes two peninsulas: peninsula Raduča and peninsula Primošten, as well as the mainland part of the town, located above the Adriatic road d8. That part is divided into Primošten Burnji and Primošten South.


Interesting historical facts about Primosten

Before the second part of 16th century, the peninsula was not connected to the mainland by an embankment, but with a drawbridge. The reason for this was the danger of the Turkish army. When the threat of a Turkish attack ended, the bridge was destroyed, and the island was connected to the mainland via the embankment. That's why it was called Primošten, which means "to bridge" on English.
In the 19th century, houses in Primošten were predominantly built by lime plaster, but there were a few built-in drywalls. Most of the houses in old Primoštenu were built as bungalows, and rarely on one or two floors.
People were engaged in farming, wine-growing, and during the dry years, they were engaged in fisheries. The ground was suitable for breeding sheep, cattle and donkeys.
Most of the country was owned by a Sibenik's gentleman. The patron was always obliged to the state, the church, and the landowner, which made his life extremely difficult at that time. Activities that did not include agriculture and livestock breeding were rare. Only a few families have been involved in trade and service activities.
Primošten had a large harbour, which allowed it a rapid development of trade.

Primosten promenade Primosten promenade

Olive growing and viticulture

Primosten has been known for its olive groves and vineyards since its inception. Until the emergence of tourism, these were the main branches of the Primosten economy, as well as the main factors in its nutrition. People in Primošten were praying to Our Lady every summer for rainy weather. The rain was important for olives and vines to give good fruit. Our Lady has been worshipped today also, especially the feast of Our Lady of Loreto celebrating May 10. That is the biggest feast in the whole year. Primosten's peasants did not have the opportunity to consume high-quality olive oil and wine because they had to sell it in order to settle the costs to landowners. Today is Primosten especially famous for the production of quality black wine called Babić. The most prestigious Primosten and Šibenik restaurants have the Babić wine in their offer.

view of Primosten from Raduca view of Primosten from Raduca

Attractions in Primosten

Primošten gives the impression of a nicely decorated small town. In the centre of the city, there is a circular stream with a beautiful fountain in the middle. On the right side of the circular run, there is peninsula Raduča with hotels Zora and Slava. The hotels are located right by the sea. There is a promenade that stretches across the entire coastline of the town. The large part of the coast is covered with a pebble beach, which means that there are plenty of sunbathing areas. The sea is clear and in summer mostly warm, over 20 degrees Celsius. There are many beach bars, pubs, fast food, and restaurants in the town. Many works until midnight and some even longer.

beautiful sea in Primosten beautiful sea in Primosten

beautiful sea in Primosten2 beautiful sea in Primosten2

Cultural and musical events in Primosten

In addition to the celebration that is celebrated on the occasion of Our Lady of Loreto, there is a manifestation called "Primoštenske užance", which is held every year in the middle of the summer. It is a traditional folklore festival where people from Primosten exhibit their cultural specificity and the former way of living in the village.
Recently, each year in mid-summer festival called SuperUho is held in Primosten. The festival features a rich film and music program.

church of St George bell tower church of St George bell tower


Club Aurora is the most famous Primošten nightclub. It is located 4 km away from the center of the town. During summer season many of the world's most famous DJs like David Guetta have their performance in Aurora.

When considering nightlife of the town, there are live music events organized by local musicians almost every day. These events usually last until 1 am.


Primosten is located between Sibenik and Split, just below D8 road, on the Adriatic coast.

How to get in Primosten

The easiest way to get to Primošten is by car. Drive along the Adriatic road D8, and all you need to do is to get off in Primosten when the sign appears. Directly next to the entrance to the town there is a gas station. If you are coming from the A1 highway, you need to exit the highway in Vrpolje.
The second option is to get in the town by bus. Most European cities do not have a direct bus line with Primosten, but nearby cities Split and Sibenik do have (especially Split). Split is distant 60 kilometers from Primošten and the bus journey time is about 1 hour. Sibenik is 30 kilometers away from Primošten, and it takes about half an hour to drive with a bus. Bus lines from Sibenik and Split to Primošten run every few hours. The nearest airport is Split Airport, about 40 kilometers away from Primošten. From Split Airport there are no direct buses to Primošten, but you need to take a private transfer or a taxi that will take you to the town. A cheaper option for one person is to go by bus to Split, and again by bus from Split to Primošten. Primosten is not yet connected to the railway line with the rest of Croatia, so rail transport is a worse option than bus transportation. If you want to travel by train, you should go to Perković or Vrpolje, and from there take a taxi to Primošten.
In the vicinity of Primošten, there is a marina called Kremik with numerous nautical amenities such as boat mooring, yacht charter or sailing boat.


There are three accommodation options in Primošten. The first and most expensive one is hotel accommodation. Hotels Zora and Slava are located inside the town. The second option is accommodation in apartments. The price depends on the distance from the sea. Apartments located above the main D8 road are considerably cheaper than those in the town. The third and the cheapest option is auto camp located 3 km north from the town.

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