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Solaris is a beach resort located 5 kilometers from Šibenik. It is one of the most famous beach resorts in whole Croatia. It Includes hotels, campsites, beaches, pools, beach bars and restaurants.


There are many reasons why you might come to Solaris. If you want your children to have fun, you can visit Aquapark Solaris. The place is really interesting and beautiful.
You may be looking just for good beach and beach bar. Then you could visit Palma Beach club.
Solaris also offers a wealth of nightlife buffets.

There are various options for accommodation in Solaris. If you have auto camp, Solaris is a way to go. There are thousands of campers every year out there.
The second option is to rent a small stone house. They are cute and close to the sea.
The third and most expensive option is to take a hotel.

Be aware of the fact that prices in Solaris are on average 30% higher than in Šibenik. And by that, I mean prices of virtually anything. Coca-cola may cost you 3 euro in some of the beach bars. The icecream costs more than 1 euro.

Coming to Solaris is very easy. Just like Brodarica, Grebaštica and Žaborić, Solaris is located near famous D8 road.
If you take accommodation there, you will have free parking. However, if you just come there to enjoy sun and beach you may pay less than 1 euro/hour for parking.

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