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Vodice is a small city in Croatia located northern of Šibenik and southern of Zadar. Its name means "waters" because there were numerous sources of drinking water located in the city. Albert Fortis, a travel writer who went to Dalmatia in the 18th century, said that Vodice was famous for the underground river over which water was easy to reach. Sibenik and surrounding villages, unlike Vodice, were extremely dry with the lack of drinking water, so the water was transported from Vodice to Sibenik and surrounding areas.
The name Vodice is mentioned for the first time in the 15th century although there is evidence that people lived in this place in Roman times. Today Vodice is known as one of the top summer destinations for the young generation, offering a wide variety of nightlife opportunities.

Clean sea in Vodice Clean sea in Vodice

Accommodation in Vodice

The most common form of accommodation in Vodice are apartments. The price per day depends on the season, distance from the sea and the size of the apartment. If you want cheaper accommodation, I recommend coming to Vodice in June or September, when the prices are lower, and the sea and air temperatures are high enough for swimming and sunbathing.
Wealthy guests can be accommodated in one of the luxury hotels. The most famous ones are Punta and Olimpija.

Nightlife in Vodice

During the summer season, there is a party during day and night in Vodice. Whatever the date of July or August, there will be a rich offer of nightlife. The most famous clubs in the center of the city are Makina and Exit. Hoverer, the biggest nightclub Hacienda is located a few miles away from the center of the city. You may pay a few euros for a taxi to Hacienda. The most famous Croatian and foreign singers and music stars have performances there. You may expect some renowned DJs there.

Vodice coast Vodice coast

Vodice harbour Vodice harbour

Attractions and beaches

Vodice gives you a picture of a nicely maintained and arranged place. Except for nightclubs, Vodice is famous for its beaches, beach bars, and clean sea. The beaches are among the most attractive on the whole Adriatic coast. Many have a blue flag, which is a symbol of cleanest beach and sea. Most of the beach has a complimentary shower. Some have a volleyball court. Pets are not allowed on most beaches. Whichever beach you choose, you will not regret.
The most famous feast in Vodice called "Vodička fešta" is held on August 4 every year. Several performers of domestic and foreign music have performances this day.
Well-known festival of Croatian pop music called "CMC festival" is held every year in June, featuring the most famous singers of Croatian pop music.
In August, a donkey race takes place in the neighboring village called Tribunj. Although Vodice is known as a summer destination, there are interesting things to see during the winter season. These attractions include the remains of a fortification system. It is unknown if they originate from the time of the defense of the Turks in 16. century, or from the Roman times.

beach in Vodice beach in Vodice

Shops, bars and restaurants

At the entrance to the city, right after the roundabout, there is a hypermarket Tommy. There you can buy most things that you will need during your vacation at affordable prices. These include food and household necessities.
In the immediate vicinity of Tommy, there are two shops offering sports shoes and clothes, also at affordable prices.
On Vodice coast, there are numerous bars and restaurants. Mediterranean specialties are more expensive compared to other foods. For example, seafood rice may cost you about 75 kuna per person, which is around 10 euros. Grilled tuna may cost you 100 kuna per person, which is around than 13 euros.
Natural orange juice would cost you 2-3 euros in one of the bars.
At the entrance to the shore, there is a shop with nautical and fishing equipment where you can buy everything you need for a boat. Marina in Vodice, located near the city center, offers a boat rental service. Rental of fisherman with length 7.5 m, having shower and GPS, costs around 300 euros per day. Those who are looking for adventure can rent a jet ski. An appropriate driver's license is required.
Numerous travel agencies offer services to rent a car or a scooter. Renting cheaper cars is around 50 euros a day. Touristic agencies also organize excursions to the National Park Krka or to the Kornati Islands.

rent a boat in Vodice rent a boat in Vodice

Location and how to get there

Vodice is easily reached by car or bus. If you come by highway, you need to exit in Sibenik or Pirovac, deepening on which direction you come from. In 2017 a new access road for Vodice was created, making access to the place even easier. Just make sure you do not exceed permitted speed while driving.
You can also come by bus. If there is no direct bus line from your place to Vodice, you can come to Sibenik or Zadar, then again by bus to Vodice.
Traveling to Vodice by train is a worse option than traveling by bus. There are no direct railway lines to Vodice. It is necessary to change trains in Sibenik or in one of the nearby cities.
During summer season parking in the center of the city may be a problem. It is expensive, the price is almost 2 euros per hour. The better option is to leave the car somewhere nearby, at least 1 km away fromthe center of the city, and then get in the city by walking.

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